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Robert Goldstein

  • Web Developer
  • Robert Half Technology

  • Born:Kings Park, New York
  • College:Tufts University
  • Experience:7 years

I am a website designer / developer, living in Montclair, New Jersey. I am passionate about UI design, web standards and user experience (UX). I enjoy helping businesses and individuals create professional, attractive websites.

You can check out my resume for further details on my work history and experience. You can view examples of my previous work and contact me through email or social media if you are interested in working together.

My Works

CAPE Website Screenshot Bobby Audley Website Screenshot Johnny and Gena's Deli Website Screenshot

Bobby Audley Speaking

Bobby Audley is an up-and-coming motivaional speaker. His program helps young adults figure out their correct path in life and how to make sure they succeed when following it. This site provides users with the important information they would want to know about Bobby and his programs. It contains embedded YouTube videos and a spot for interested followers to sign up for his newsletter.

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Mobile Site

With the increase in smartphone use, I thought it would be best to create a mobile friendly version of this site. I created a mobile version of BobbyAudley.com by using jQuery Mobile. It strips the full site down to the bare necessities and organizes them in simple format.

Rob Goldstein does exactly what you ask of him, he does it on time, and he does it well! Rob is dependable, great at what he does, and easy to work with. I highly recommend Rob Goldstein.

- Bobby Audley
  The Communication, Leadership, & Teambuilding Specialist

Johnny and Gena's Deli and Café

Johnny and Gena's Deli and Café is a restaurant site that allows user to find all the basic information they need. I also was able to integrate their social media into the site. Customers can also order online through this site.

Location Page

This page uses the Google Maps API to show the location of the restaurant. As you can see, it the page defaults to showing a bubble on the map that will allow customers to get directions to Johnny and Gena's.

Online Ordering

The online ordering form was developed using PHP and a MS SQL database. The database holds all the items on the menu and their prices. PHP was used to submit the order to the site as well as sending out a confirmation email.

A special feature built into the site was an Admin page, to allow the owners of the restaurant to turn the online ordering on/off and to set the estimated time for the order to be completed.

Best of 2011
Best of 2012

My Qualifications

Experienced Web Developer for Robert Half Technology. Developed full websites and web applications from scratch. Ability to create web pages that are cross-browser and cross-platform compatible that meet web standards. Has experience working within a team and individually.
Core Competencies
  • HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, AJAX, XML, MYSQL, WordPress, Bootstrap, AngularJS, Unix Shell, XCODE, Cordova, XSLT, Java, Ruby, C++
  • Microsoft Office
  • Adobe Photoshop, Premier Pro, Acrobat, Dreamweaver, Encore, inDesign, Illustrator CS4-CS6, Sublime Text, MS Visual Studio 2010
Employment History
Robert Half Technology - Vision Creative Group (VCG), Cedar Knolls, NJ
December 2014 – Present
SPS Front-End Web Developer
  • Developed several sites for clients from scratch (Cloetta, Bentasil, NTE, etc.)
  • Maintained WordPress site (http://www.maximgrp.com/)
  • Created and deployed mass HTML emails for Kings Supermarkets through Constant Contact
  • Created and deployed survey for Ferrero with SurveyGizmo.com
  • Updated Vonage internal training ASP .NET MVC site (http://partnerchannelportal.com)
  • Managed Vonage MS SQL database with MS SQL Server Management Studio

Robert Half Technology - Becton Dickinson (BD), Franklin Lakes, NJ
July 2013 – December 2014
SPS Front-End Web Developer
  • Developed 150+ web based apps for iPad and Big Tin Can (3rd Party Software)
  • Led development for level 2 apps (100+ page apps)
  • Worked with designers and account reps to design and develop apps
  • Used XCODE and Cordova to covert files to app form
  • Used jQuery to parse XML content files into app form
  • Designed apps with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Uploaded and debugged all apps on Q/A sites
  • Built and maintained template used for all apps
  • Used Adobe Photoshop, inDesign and Illustrator on files given from designers, to create graphics that meet web standards

Alion Science and Technology, West Point, NY
November 2010 – July 2013
Web Developer for Center for the Army Profession and Ethic (CAPE)
  • Redesigned entire CAPE website from ground up, including CAPE branding (http://cape.army.mil)
  • Maintained and updated CAPE public and AKO websites
  • Created Army Values and Company Commander First Sergeants Pre-Command Course (CCFSPCC) Online Training Support Packages
  • Maintained Army Values Basic Combat Training (BCT) Training Support Package (TSP)
  • Created and delivered content for CAPE apps
  • Created and maintained CAPE Social Media Pages (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+)
  • Doubled the amount of followers for CAPE Facebook, Twitter and YouTube from prior year
  • Coordinated the design, implementation and administration of the CAPE Knowledge Center (intranet AKO)
  • Developed America’s Army – Our Profession Education and Training Program website
  • Built Profession of Arms Campaign AKO and Public websites
  • Developed web gadgets including interactive maps (Google API), registration forms (PHP), forums (jQuery), etc.
  • Designed and implemented dynamic page content with use of Access DB and PHP ODBC - (http://cape.army.mil/inthenews.php)
  • Created live CAPE Support Chat using PHP, jQuery, HTML, and CSS
  • Used Google Analytics to track page visits, downloads and other metrics

Bobby Audley Speaking
September 2007 – Present
  • Created website using HTML, CSS and Javascript (jQuery) (http://www.bobbyaudley.com)
  • Converted aspects of the website from Flash to HTML
  • Created mobile friendly site (jQuery Mobile)
  • Update and maintain Content Management System (CMS) for site
  • Integrated social media into site (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)
  • Embeded media files into site
Tufts University, Medford MA
Bachelor of Science Degree from the School of Engineering, General Engineering
May 2010

Was a member of the football and baseball teams at Tufts University.
  • Sports (Football, Baseball, Basketball and Hockey)
  • Movies
  • Computers
  • Music
  • Snowboarding
  • Swimming
  • Broadway Musicals

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